Disney Surprise Box

I recently surprised my mom with a trip to Disney World for her birthday! The reveal started with a Disney inspired scavenger hunt and ended with her finding this giant Minnie Mouse box which I filled with helium balloons and the Disney tickets. 


5 Hot Pink Poster Boards

4 Black Poster Boards (although I could have used one more)

1 white poster board

1 24 in. L x 24 in. W x 34 in. D Wardrobe Moving Box from Home Depot

Plus scissors & glue & obvious crafting stuff

First, I measured & cut the poster board to fit each side of the box. I used a glue stick to glue it on. Do not use liquid glue, it can soak through the poster board and look messy. 

Banzai is deep in thought. 

Next, I cut out two of the four closing flaps from the top of the box. (You only need two to close it.) I cut out the shape of the ear using the black poster board and used one of the pieces of cardboard as support for the ear. Make sure you cover both sides of the cardboard. Repeat this step for the other ear. 

Then, on both ears I cut a slit in the cardboard so it can slide onto the box. 

On one of the flaps, I cut a groove out so that the box could close once the ear was in. Repeat this for the other ear. 

Next I used a candle as a stencil to draw as many circles as I could on the white cardboard. I cut those out and used a glue stick to glue them on. 

For Minnie’s bow, I cut these shapes out of the pink poster board. 

I took the “8” looking shape and taped one of the outside edges to the middle and repeated with the other edge to get this shape:

Then, I took the small strip piece, put it around the middle and taped it down on the back. 

For the two ribbon pieces, I taped them to the middle of one of the flaps. Make sure you don’t place your bow in the middle of the box or it will be harder to open. Just choose one of the flaps to be your “front” and glue it to the middle of that flap. That way when they lift the flap, the bow will easily lift with it.

I added the bow piece on top of the ribbon pieces and secured it with a rounded piece of tape.

These are the clues I used for the scavenger hunt that lead to the big reveal!