Fuzzy Snowballs

These fuzzy snowballs make such a cute addition to your Christmas tree!


You can use any kind of yarn you like! 
I cut these out of cardboard. They are 3 1/2 inches in total diameter and the width of the cardboard circle is 1 inch. You will need two of these circles.

Cut your piece of yarn first. I used about 13 feet for my first snowball. I would say 13 feet should be your minimum with this size cardboard. The longer your piece of yarn the fluffier your snowball will be!

Hold your two pieces of cardboard together and start with the end of your yarn at the top edge. 

Loop the yarn through the hole in the middle, over the top of the cardboard and back through the hole. 

Continue this process until you reach the end of your piece of yarn. Don’t stop if you have covered the cardboard, it is ok to overlap your yarn! The more overlapping you have, the fluffier it will be! 

Once you have reached the end of the yarn, cut the end so it lines up with the top of the cardboard. 

Don’t worry about securing this piece in place, it will stay! At this point, both sides of your cardboard should be covered in yarn. 

Side 1
Side 2

This is the tricky part! Wedge your scissors in-between the two pieces of cardboard and CAREFULLY cut the yarn all the way around the circle. Keep your scissors in-between the two pieces of cardboard to get an even cut. 

When you start cutting, you will create loose pieces of yarn so just make sure you are cutting slowly and carefully. It also helps to hold the bottom of the cardboard as you cut. 

Cut another piece of yarn, roughly one foot long. This will be used to secure all the individual pieces of yarn together and to hang your snow ball! Slightly separate the two pieces of cardboard. (CAREFULLY!) 

Take your piece of yarn, place it in-between the two pieces of cardboard, wrap it all the way around, and tie it tightly to secure the individual pieces of yarn together. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times, each time wrapping the yarn through the cardboard pieces and tying a secure knot. 

Slowly remove the cardboard pieces 

Tie the two end pieces of the yarn together, creating a loop for hanging on your tree. Lastly, fluff your snowball to give it some volume!